The Incident Between Ceaser And Antony Essay

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The initial incident in the play starts when Antony lives in Egypt with his love Cleopatra. Anthony lives a luxurious life in Egypt. He eats massive feast, drink wine all night long, and evens dance to the music being played until morning, where he sleeps so he can those events the following night. Although Antony enjoys his time in Egypt, problems in the Roman Empire like rebellions and civil war draw him back to Rome. Not only that, his friend Ceaser is mad at Antony for breaking his sworn promise that when needed, he will send troops and supplies to Ceaser. The trivial matters between Ceaser and Antony are solved when Agrippa, one of Ceaser’s men, recommends that Antony should marry Ceaser’s half sister, Octavia, in order to reestablish their bonds. Antony accepts the proposal and the two become brothers by the bond of Octavia. Then both of them discucss the matter of Pompey invading Rome to take revenge for his father’s death. News about Antony marriage with Ocatavia eventually reaches Cleopatra and she goes into a fury. To make sure Antony comes back to her, she sends a servant to observe Octavia features and report anything that she has. The rising actions starts when Antony’s brother and his wife wages war against Ceaser. But that war was easily won when Antony’s wife, Fulva was killed in the battle of Sicyon. Once that war was settled, another one quickly arose. That war was Pompey versus Ceaser, Lepidus, and Antony. Pompey challenges Ceaser because they killed his…

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