The Incarceration Of The Adult Prison Essay

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The United States of America having the majority of its juveniles in the adult prison is extremely dangerous and have negative impacts in the future of this great nation. The skyrocketed prison population in our nation today is as a result of mass incarceration in the criminal justice system and the social and public health effects include anxiety, depression and destabilization of relationships with the community.
In the event of any juvenile delinquency, some factors like previous criminal records, family background, the future of that adult, and the consequences or impact of going through the prison should be considered first and sending them to adult prisons should be a last resort, not the first option.
In the case of Alonza Thomas, who was a high school freshman in the year 2000, despite the fact that he had no pre-existing criminal record or behavior was sent to the adult jail system after been found guilty of robbery and firearm possession (Frontline documentary). He never had the chance to complete his education while in the prison, his future dreams were terminated due to his inability to make a right decision.
Though he committed the crime, but sending him to the adult correctional facility, did him more harm than good. The system is harsh and set people up for failure because locking young adults up in the prison does not make people feel remorse but rather are one of the reasons why there is high crime rate in America. After been released from the prisons, the…

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