Essay about The Incarceration Of Mass Incarceration

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What factors contribute to the increasing rates of mass incarceration in American society? Since the rise of mass incarceration in the United States didn’t happen overnight, Americans had been questioning the role of criminal justice in implementation of law and order and analyzing the effect of politics , economy and social change in the justice system . Primarily in all Crime Justice Courses taught at Universities and Colleges, students are able to comprehend about the complexity of the criminal justice system. According to The Introduction: Institutional Facilities the author’s claims, “Institutional corrections have changed in terms of purpose, philosophy, and structure of punishment” (Rennison & Dodge, 2016, p. 271). This means that the criminal justice practices shifted from what it used to be in the in the past and even the way society references the system has changed. The United States has the World’s highest incarceration rate, there are more prison and jails, than universities and colleges in the country. The privation of prison in many states is consequently a problem with the justice system, since most of the private prison cost more than the jail and lockups. For instance, “Private prison companies are generally paid on a per-inmate basis, and contracts typically guarantee a minimum head count of inmates. If the prison is not filled, the state still pays for inmates that do not exist” (Rennison & Dodge, 2016, p. 283) . Gender, race, and ethnicity goes along…

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