The Incarceration Of Adult Prison Essay

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time actually served was only 3.5 years (an average of about 27 percent of the sentence imposed). In addition, BJS estimated that 78 percent of persons who were younger than age 18 when admitted to a state prison in 1997 would be released by age 21 (Strom, 2000). Whether or not they receive harsher sentences, the majority of adolescents transferred to the adult court are nonetheless coming back to the community during their early adulthood. Victimization
In adult jail or prison presents another very real and troubling possibility for adolescents processed in the adult system. The idea that other inmates or guards may subject adolescent offenders to physical, sexual, or psychological victimization because they are confined in adult facilities gives pause to even the most ardent supporters of retribution as a justification for transfer. As Mulvey and Schubert (2012) note, “Doing the time for doing the crime might be seen as fair, but doing much worse time because the crime was done while an adolescent seems to tip the balance beyond even-handed justice. The available evidence points to the conclusion that adolescents are at increased risk of being physically or sexually victimized when they are housed in adult facilities. Even though adolescents represent only a small proportion of inmates in adult facilities, in 2005, 21 percent of all victims of substantiated incidents of inmate-on-inmate sexual violence in jails were juveniles younger than age 18 (Beck and Harrison,…

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