Essay on The Important Of Diversity Within A Community

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The Important of Diversity
Most implementers would like to find a magic pill to quickly understand a community. The “right” answer or simple lists of do’s and don’ts that is correlated with each community. But learning about a community’s culture and practices is a long and complex process, where perspective is everything. A guide of behaviors can only take one so far, for what is appropriated to do in one community might be not in another. Each community has their own culture and practices largely because of different historical and geographical circumstances. As a result, each community has developed different opinions, attitudes, and a different set of norms and behavior. One behavior can be view differently in two different cultures is precisely what make multicultural so challenging. For a successful intervention, an implementer needs to examine the behaviors and values of people in each community. This is also a time for an implementer to integrate health invention in relate with each community’s culture and practices.
In any health intervention, an implementer needs to research and analyze a targeted population’s culture and practices. There are two aspects to focus on when learning a community’s culture and practices. One is a community’s values and an expectations of a community, and two is how the specific behaviors derived from those values. It is important for an implementer to understand what an individual does and say in a particular community…

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