Descriptive Essay About Thanksgiving Christmas

As soon as November appears on the calendar I get so excited, it symbolize all the important Holidays my family get together and have a wonderful time. I can smell the aroma of the food, I can feel the love in the air, and most of all hear the loud laughter and see huge smiles. November all the way to the New Year its nothing but great times with my close friends and family; we have nice traditions for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve/Day. Yum! I can smell the Cajun flavored turkey baking in the oven; see the cheese bubble on the fresh hot baked macaroni and cheese, the lovely smells of the pumpkin pies. Thanksgiving is here, cars pulling in the drive way, dishes clingy, chaotic noise from the children running wild and free, such …show more content…
Starting on Christmas Eve the family meets at Grandma’s house, sharps smells on gingerbread cookies following through the house. Bowls of colorful icing and tarty candy for decorations, time to let the children become real creative. Icing thrown everywhere, candy strung from the table to the floor, sticky finger prints left all over the table. Whelp, the good news is Santa will have a nice selection of cookies to choose from when arrive to deliver gifts. Later that Christmas Eve night we gather around the freshly smelling pine tree to begin the fun stuff. But only one problem the family is divided yet again; the women and children decorating the tree, and the men are off to the card table to play a very heated game of spades. On Christmas the family meets for brunch, I don’t think we will make it to dinner considering the kids will not let you sleep past 6:00 a.m. You would think we was have a race, “who can eat the fastest” food getting gulped down so we can get to the tree to open presents. All you can here is paper getting torn to shreds boxes getting snatch open, bubble wrap getting popped. Smiles just take over faces, chatter going forth; I would say we survived another joyous Christmas Day. Can’t wait to see what is in stored for New

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