The Importance Of Zone Diet

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Good nutrition is always a part of ensuring an individual life a healthy lifestyle. A good diet plan and sometimes combined with physical exercise can help one maintain a healthy weight, promote health, and reduce one’s risk of getting chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease. Unhealthy eating habits are the main cause of the obesity epidemic facing the United States. Healthy eating is for every person as even those with a healthy weight are at a healthy risk that can cause death in case they do not maintain a healthy diet. Currently, getting information on a healthy diet is very simple as there are countless sites online offering dieting tips. Online diet sites such as zone diet are widely referred to by people
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A low fat and low carbohydrate diet may have some results in weight loss but can be detrimental health wise given that the body requires so much nutrients and vitamins to stay healthy without diseases. Zone diet offers advice to the clients on the bases of foods with diet-induced inflammation or foods that can increase insulin levels. The site has always considered the glycemic index GI and offers diet advice based on foods that help control insulin levels responsible for fat storage not considering that some individuals have normal insulin levels and maintain them even with high carbohydrate diets (Zone Labs Inc., …show more content…
The diet has worked greatly in terms of meeting the required fat intake as the USDA guidelines recommend, However the carbohydrates intake suppresses the amount of fiber intake and requires modification. The 40% of calories per meal from carbohydrates can be improved by ensuring the carbohydrates taken are complex and healthy. Whole grains should fit the diet very well allowing a new food block with nutritional benefits helping in reduction of weight and type 2 diabetes risks. Per the department of agriculture Americans should make carbohydrates the top source of their calories and recommends the intake of whole grains due to the vitamins and fiber content necessary for healthy living. It is a high time that zone diet appreciates the importance of carbohydrates in the diet and include it to help their clients lose weight are limit risk to acquiring chronic diseases such as

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