Argumentative Essay: The Importance Of Youth Sports

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There are many youth activities outside of school that may not contribute to helping yourself become better. Children who play sports may have some advantages over those who do not choose to play sports. Specifically competitive youth sports that can help teach important life skills needed. The teamwork that is needed in competitive youth sports helps children interact with others. Competitive youth sports should be played by children to better help develop life skills needed to be successful later on in life.
Youth sports can teach life skills that can allow for success. Playing youth sports can teach children important life skills. For example, in the “Top Reasons Why Kids Should Play Sports” the article reads “Teaching life skills through sports and empowering success among youth sports” (Thomas). In other words, this quote is illustrating that youth sports can help children learn life skills that can lead them to success. Children who develop a good sense of competitiveness can lead
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Playing youth sports can help strengthen the community and benefit yourself. For instance the Article “The Importance of Youth Sports” it states “Fueling a passion will create a devotion to training to generate a balanced, long-term competitive success.” (Philip). That is to say that when a child develops a passion at a young age the easier it will be for them in the future to be more devoted to something (Philip). Youth sports can provide a balance in your life (Philp). For e.g, the article spoke about how youth sports can help children build a sense of balance in their life. Youth sports can help to contribute to a balance in a child’s life that can be useful later so that they are better prepared for life. In brief, playing youth sports can help children develop balance in their life and can be useful later in life. Youth sports can also help to fuel a passion towards something and can help a child become more

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