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Young adults and new drivers should be required to undergo lessons and information sessions prior to driving on the roads. Drivers between the ages of 15 to 34 represent close to 30% of the driving population; however, they have accounted for 40% of the fatalities and 45% of the serious injuries, demonstrating that younger drivers are a great risk to everyone when driving. Before allowing young and inexperienced drivers to enter the world of driving, there should be many new/ and modified requirements regarding their knowledge of road rules and road safety. Add your thesis and arguments a little bit more into the introduction.

Driving is an extremely complicated relationship between everyone who shares the road. Every year, nearly two million
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The first modification to the current requirements should be raising the age eligibility from 16 to 18. This will prevent high school students from driving unsafely, through instances such as, by attempting to fit too many people into a car, becoming distracted by their friends while driving, and using their cellphones while driving. Another modification should be raising the number of questions on the G1 test from 40 to 100, and include all of the potential road signs a driver may see, this will ensure that new drivers have an intermediate knowledge of the rules of the road. [this may not be possible to do→look into how many signs there are to make sure it is …show more content…
More hours of practice driving (e.g. 120 hours) by new drivers that are certified by parents, as required in some countries (e.g. Australia), would increase the experience level of novice drivers. Driver education and licensing tests could be more focused on perceiving the dangers on the road and how to respond to them. For example, new drivers could be taught what to do if the tires of their vehicle leave the pavement at high speed, since “loss of control” collisions in these situations is common among young drivers. Parents could require their children to provide a “flight plan” before they leave with the family car (i.e. where they are going, with whom, how they will get there, and when they will be

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