Personal Reflection On Engaging Critical Thinking Skills

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Sometimes the hardest part of doing something is getting started; that was the case for me when I would have to write an essay because I wouldn 't know where to begin or what to say. I wasn 't that great of a writer, however, with the help of freshman composition I 've learned to conduct effective research and gained the ability to synthesize my ideas to engage the reader to read more. By using critical thinking and comprehension skills I have demonstrated in my portfolio the ability to inform the reader in a way they can understand. Although I have increased my ability to write engaging hook sentences and structured thesis statements, I can use improvements in my sentence development, such as phrasing, transitions, and in-text citations. In …show more content…
Writing a thesis statement was the hardest thing for me to do until my professor gave me a piece of advice that transformed the way I crafted thesis statements. He stated that all a thesis statement is just a sentence describing what your essay is about. After a little practice, I began writing thesis statements like a champ, such as in The Future of Money my thesis statement "Bitcoin not only offers a new form of portability and decentralization, but it also offers extra control and security"; That sentence is to the point and informs the reader what the paragraphs in the essay are going to be about (Luna 1). A second example of this can be read in my essay "How to Succeed at an Interview". "Some steps a person can take to prepare for a successful interview is to be prepared for the interview, dress for success, make a good impression, ask questions, sell yourself, and close the deal"; this sentence also lets the reader know what the essay will be about and it is clearly stated. Although I have gotten better at both writing hooks and thesis statements, my strong suit is thesis statements because it is easier for me to be straightforward than it is to come up with a creative and unique way of catching someone 's

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