Nursing Writing Style Essay

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This report looks at the writing styles that are used currently with Nursing. Nursing is a dynamic field that requires many methods of writing in order to communicate vital patient information. I found that nurses are expected to be able to communicate with each other and also be able to report necessary information to other disciplines within the medical field such as doctors, respiratory therapists, physical therapists, and physician assistants. I determined that writing is in fact pivotal in today’s nursing world. Documentation is essential in nursing practice today, which requires effective communication techniques.
Nursing is the current career path that I am on, and therefore the professional area that I researched. I’m currently working in the nursing field as a Licensed Practical Nurse and more specifically in Pediatric Home Care. Despite the
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I can certainly tell you from personal experience and current nursing education that I’m receiving; writing plays a huge role with nursing practice. There are many examples of this such as developing nursing care plans. Care plan implementation requires excellent writing techniques in order to prioritize patient care and track patient recovery progress. Also, nursing documentation helps to protect nurses by showing that medications were administered and that may other forms of patient care were completed. There is a well-known saying among those in the nursing profession ‘if it isn’t documented then it wasn’t done.” This statement shows that writing is extremely important aspect of a nurse’s role in 2015. Documentation is your friend and should be treated as such (Quan, 2011) is yet another example of how vital writing when completing professional nursing

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