The Connected Unit Plan Analysis

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Writing is the basic fundamentals of literacy and is an important part of a young students schooling and ability to communicate. Writing uses a range of literary devices which each have their own purpose, whether that be to evoke emotion, persuade a reader or create relatability, students need to be able to critically analyse writing and get to the crux behind the words. This Essay will discuss the connected unit plan developed for year 10 English students and how it provides opportunity to scaffold young students writing. It will discuss the rational for the three chosen texts and how they extend a students’ knowledge on how to write. Some examples of this is character creation, language within the text the evokes emotion, using everyday problems …show more content…
(VCAA, 2016), this unit has been designed to scaffold and assist the elements needed to actively engage a context topic. By the end of this unit of study, students should successfully have completed a range of writing pieces which include writing and visual analysis, creative writing to create a portfolio of work that can be used to introduce them to VCE writing and therefore creating a formal assessment piece due at the end of the unit. Prior to the beginning of this unit, students will have read and compare two to three of the chosen texts identify and compare any features. These include a compulsory touchstone text – Dear America: letters home from Vietnam, this is a collection of letters, poems and images collated from the Vietnam War from Bernard Edleman (1989), Into thin are by Jon Krakauer’s (1996) and The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, (2008.) Similarly, all of the books contain relevant themes and relatability to young people based off the age of the characters within as they deal and cope with similar inner problems young people deal with day to day. Using this feature of the novels to engage students to take part in the unit of work and optimize the opportunity to get ahead for future years of schooling. This provides opportunity for students to work with a range of styles of texts and writing styles to assist with further scaffolding of their skills. The unit is set up for students to take control of their own work with much of the creative section dedicated to their own personal decisions, whilst also taking thin into account in the language analysis section. Focusing on level 10 requirements students are to be able to use comprehension strategies to compare and contrast information within and between texts, identifying and analysing embedded perspectives, and evaluating supporting evidence (VCELY469). The unit allows for students

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