The Importance Of Writing: I Hate Writing

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I hate writing. Writing has never been my strong suit, I can solve complicated math problems and understand the structure of an atom but most of the time when it comes to writing I freeze up and don’t have any clue where to start. The things I have written are research papers or biographies and the occasional facts about yourself essay; just the things that you are assigned to do by a teacher. My writing has been pretty limited, so you can imagine my thoughts when I figured out what I had gotten myself into by signing up for English Comp 101. At first I was really scared and then I relaxed and told myself I can do it if I really try. This class will be good for me because it will make me feel more confident as a writer and it will help me …show more content…
Then there was teachers that made writing a breeze and explained what we had to do and what was expected; those where the teachers that gave me hope that writing wasn’t as bad as everyone portrayed it to be. My best writing experience was in Mrs. Sparkman 's eighth grade english class, we got to do a persuasive essay on whatever topic we wanted, and I did mine on abortion. She gave us a rubric and an information sheet on what was expected and let us go on our own. I really invested all of my time in the essay because it was something I felt very strongly about. I would say it wasn’t only my best writing experience i’ve ever had, it has also been the best writing i’ve ever done. I do better in writing when i’m allowed to pick the topic I write about. In the past most papers I have written I haven’t gotten to pick the topic, so I haven’t really gotten to my full writing potential yet. When the teachers do that it makes me hate writing, and even though writing is a struggle for me sometimes I would like to not hate it.
When I get assigned an essay or a research paper I automatically panic and don’t want to do it. I am a person that stresses out a lot and really easily. It usually takes a lot of motivation for me to finish a paper. I procrastinate to a level that people wouldn’t ever think possible when
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Then I make bullet points or a mind map on what I am going to put in my paper. Third I start elaborating on each of the things I want or need to put in my essay; I do this by starting paragraphs for each topic. Then I write the beginning paragraph and the conclusion paragraph. Fifth I put all of the information together in the way it makes the most sense and if that isn’t enough material I add things in. Then lastly after my paper is set up the way I want it, I proof read it and have someone else proof read it, make my revisions and print out the paper to turn

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