The Importance Of Writing As A Tool For Communication Essay

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Any language in the world has four skills; reading, listening, speaking, and writing. The first two skills are receptive and the other two skills are productive. The English author and philosopher Francis Bacon once said that “reading maketh a full man, conference a ready man, and writing an exact man.” The writing stands out as one of the important skills because it is used in daily life, especially academic life. Professors and students in colleges and universities use writing to convey their ideas to readers. Nowadays, with the information and technological progress, people also use writing as a tool for communication in the workplace. It is used as a formal channel of communication.
In the view of the importance of writing in academic life, according to Central Michigan University’s Writing Center website, the Writing Center was established in 1978 to support basic entry level students’ writing skills. At the beginning, it was established as a ‘lab’, then it got improved to have its own curriculum and staffing. According to the Writing Center, it also has its own budget and services. The number of staff is over 50 and they offer consultation hours that reach to 600 per week. The sessions can be provided either face-to-face or online. There are now three sites that provide services. The number of on-site sessions in 2011-2012 reached to 15,000. As for the online service, it is restricted to the students registered in English101, first-year writing, and registered…

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