Strengths And Weaknesses Of A Remedial Class

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In not passing the exam to get in to college English was difficult to hear because remedial classes is known not to be good doing in college. However, the only thoughts that came through my mind was positive because the class would help me become a stronger writer. In knowing my weaknesses of writing this class was going to be beneficial to strengthen my weakness even though took part A already of this remedial class this B part is to add the final touches to making my writing college level. In my portfolio it will contain different essays that begin from the beginning of the semester till the end of the semester which has improved in my eyes. This class challenged me every time I was there because it required to push myself for better not …show more content…
Project each containing progressions with them. They all have different prompts such as Project Web was to create a blog that would help people , Project Text was to do research on the 43 missing students an Donald Trump, and Project Space analyzing people responses for the question “before I die I want to”. In doing all this projects the progression was a big part to writing them because it was helpful to have an idea in what you are going to write about. That would make the actually essay easier to write because all the brainstorming was done and written just needed elaboration. My two favorite essays of this whole class was Project Text and Project space because in both I learned new things I did not know before. In Project Text I learned about the tragedy in Mexico of the 43 missing students that were going to school for a better future for their community. It is sad to hear there is still no justice for whoever did this to this students and families. In Project Space analyzing the responses of students , faculty, and staff was really interesting because they all had to think about the question” before I die I want to” it is not something everyone thinks about. In the group project I was engaging with people which was great because I got to experience how some people were not in to the project and others that were happy to participate. We analyzed that many people wanted to travel and skydive. Furthermore, there was …show more content…
The revisions would be done by my peers, SI leader, and Dr. Moreno which was really helpful because they would help me improve my weaknesses. Furthermore, those weaknesses were I had many awkward sentences, not using academic vocabulary, and not adding much detail. In having this weaknesses it did not bother me because it was great to learn ways to fix my errors from different people all the time. This taught me that writing a essay is a process because you cannot just write it once it needs revision and brainstorming. Before I would not have a process on how to write an essay I would just do it and turn it in thinking it was great how it is but in writing an essay it is never finalize as I learned from Dr. Moreno because there is so much more that can be done. As a result, my writing has improved so much since part A because I learned to have a process for writing such as others editing my work and brainstorming. My writing still needs work because I still have trouble with academic vocabulary that I will expand on soon. In the future for my writing I would love to see it better than it is now because it is the one thing that is going to be used for the rest of my life. Overall, this class taught me so much such as research, conducting data, and blogs. It was great while doing this essays it was fun to do because I was learning something

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