The Importance Of Writing A Good Thesis Essay examples

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To say that “this course has been a whirlwind” (Colorado Christian University, n.d.a) would certainly be an understatement! My mind has been stretched in so many different directions based on the variety of writing methods that we have learned about in the past few weeks. I began the class thinking that writing a good thesis would be one of my weaknesses, but ended up discovering that it was one of my strengths. Throughout this class I have learned a great deal of new information and strategies that are important that I can use in my future classes and also in my work, home, and community.
There are two key reasons that I found what I learned in this class to be of great importance. First of all, I was taught to not only read information but to critically analyze it as well. I learned to question the motives of the writer, look for holes in their argument, and determine if they adequately answer the ever-important question, “So what?”—or, why does this issue even matter? (Hacker & Sommers, 2014, p. 114). Reading in this way is increasingly important with the enormous amounts of information and “news” that constantly begs for our attention. It is important to have sufficient critical thinking skills to differentiate facts from opinions. Second, as mentioned in my first essay, “My Educational Goals at Colorado Christian University” (Sowders, n.d.), “poor writing skills demonstrate a lack of intelligence, professionalism, and competency (Heald-Fisher, 2012, July 23, para. 7)”…

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