The Importance Of World Culture

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“Keep your language. Love its sounds, its modulation, its rhythm. But try to march together with men of different languages, remote from your own, who wish like you for a more just and human world” (qtd in The world that surrounds humans is full of diversity. Humans have developed different languages, ideologies, and religions it is truly remarkable what they have accomplished in diversity, but in the modern era they have the opportunity to merge into a greater unified world culture. The world of today is moving towards a global multicultural society that will bring humans closer than ever before. One of the possibilities as to why be the human advancement in communication technology.
Commutation technology has developed through
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According to the novelist J.B. Priestly, “The last traces of imperialism and colonialism may have from Asia and Africa, where men can no longer endure being condemned to a permanent inferiority by the color of their skins” (284). This quotes tells us that the world has become more accepting to others. Things such as religion, race, and gender nor skin color should effect how one is viewed by people of the world. In the awakening of acceptance, people are allowing different cultural ideas and norms to blend together with theirs. As stated by author, “We need internationalism to save the world and to broaden and heighten our civilisation. While regional man enriches the lives that international man is already working to keep secure and healthy, national man, drunk with power, demands our loyalty, money and applause, and poisons the very air with his dangerous nonsense” (285). The world can be rescued from conflicts that arise from the clashing of other due to lack of understanding by opening the blindfold over their eyes. Internationalism is the light that creates and instills a new perspective. This perspective is the awareness that others people’s thoughts and cultures are unique. They should be respect and understood by another so conflict does not come forth. When people accepted this idea the world will truly integrate into a world of peace and of

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