The Importance Of Workplace Wellness

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Health is a popular topic discussed by people all over the world. Illness is “a specific condition that prevents people body or mind from working normally” (Illness, n.d.). As a result, most companies’ employers pay more attention on preventing employees from illness because illness will decrease employees’ productivities and efficiencies significantly. Preventable illness makes up approximately 80% of the burden of illnesses and 90% of all health care costs. Employers are beginning to realize they can take advantage of this statistic and work to provide services to decrease the occurrence of those preventable diseases. (Baicker et al, 308)
Employers not only consider about physical illness of employees, they also regarded mental illnesses
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("Workplace Wellness Implementation Research Project", 1) This statistic data shows that employees’ health is a serious issue needed to consider and care. With more than 130 million Americans employed across the United States, workplaces provide a large audience for cardiovascular disease (CVD) and stroke prevention activities. A research has shown that work place wellness programs are an important strategy to prevent the major shared risk factors for CVD and stroke, including cigarette smoking, obesity, hypertension, dyslipidemia and diabetes. (Carnethon et al, 1725) Based on this research, employee can reduce the risk of chronic diseases so that diseases would not negatively affect their productivity and …show more content…
But there are several factors need to be considered for a company develops its own company’s workplace wellness program.
The first step is setting up a committee in an organization to involve different levels staff and designating a champion. The champion should be willing to be in the vanguard of implementing new wellness initiatives. Be sure to choose a person who has the authority to make decisions for the program and who can obtain the necessary funding to turn ideas into reality. (“Millenials want healthier workplaces”, 1) Other members in the committee should give suggestions to champion that help champion make the best final decision. The committee should outline key objectives and come up with a vision and mission

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