What To Be Like For Me Analysis

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What will 2017 be like for you?

Imagine for a minute, that it 's one year from today. Where will you be? Who will you be working for? What great things have happened to you and your family?

These kinds of questions were presented to me when I first started my journey of working with a professional coach and is a big reason of why I 'm writing to you today. In 2015, my girlfriend Bobbie suggested that I work with a coach that had been working with her employer. She had seen some good results from working with the coach, and thought that it would be a good fit for me. After all, I 've always been someone who likes to work on myself and was very interested in the coaching field.

So I set up my first appointment with my coach and she
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Maybe it was a project at work, or maybe it as a family vacation. Chances are, you spent a considerable amount of time planning it. Unfortunately, most of us don 't spent a lot of time planning out our goals. We decide we want to make something a goal, maybe we write it down, and then we take a couple of steps towards it and the chances are we forget about it a few weeks later. In order for you to get traction on your goals, you 're going to need to take the time to really plan and track the progress of them. This involves reviewing them on a monthly basis, at a bare minimum. It would be much better if you set time to plan your goals on a weekly basis …show more content…
Schedule a regular meeting with them to talk about how you 're doing and ask them to give you hell if you don 't achieve what you said you were going to achieve. We are much more likely to achieve a goal if we know someone will keep us on the line for them.

So as you begin your 2017, take the time to really invest in yourself by implementing these suggestions into your goal planning.

Not enough?
If you are looking for more information on goal planning and setting up your year, check out my website. On the website, you can register for the Goal Setting Mini-Course. In the Goal Setting Mini-course, we expand upon these ideas and give you a basic framework for building your goals for 2017.

Or, if your ready to 10x your 2017, schedule a no-cost phone call with me to discuss the Best Year Yet coaching process. In the coaching process, we take these concepts to the next level by implementing a complete goal setting workshop and monthly follow-ups to ensure that you stay on top of the things that are truly important to

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