Too Much Water Affect How Many Plants Grow Essay

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Some plants don’t need water as a necessity to grow,while others need all the water and care they can get get to sprout.When working on the CGLA Community Garden PBL project,various groups learned that the amount of light exposure does in fact take away from the moisture levels.Also, that a plant not having enough moisture does impact the plant 's growth. According to Bodie V. Pennisi., a extension floriculture specialist (v.1), a lot of light time does affect your plant’s moisture levels.It can also,damage the roots and bulbs.When watering the plant make sure you don’t drown it.The light is the most important thing for a plant. Light is needed for plants to produce and survive.If plants get too much light they appear “off color”. Adequate light is crucial.Too much light exposure does affects the moisture in soil levels. Too much water in soil is detrimental to plant growth ( All Science Fair Projects v.1).Greater amount of water, will make the plant grow faster. But however, plants can die from not receiving any water at all.Many people have heard that more water can help plants,but only to a certain …show more content…
Every student should be able to pick a reasonable seed when planting.I think it should be a more spacious place where we plant our seeds. To me the seeds shouldn’t have be already germinated if the were going to grow that fast, so my suggestion would be to not germinate the seeds before we use them.Let the seeds be in the pack before we can even use them.I really think that was a let down, when the seeds had already starting growing before we even planted them. Overall, the project was success and nothing should be changed except the way our seeds came before we planted them.When going on you should think about how you can get every student involved instead of just STEM

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