Resident Assistant Job Analysis

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1. * This position will be working in the City Budget Office. Briefly describe your work or educational experience as it relates to the duties of this position.
As an Actuarial Science Mathematics major, I have taken numerous classes to prepare for a job like the Budget Analyst position. My Corporate Finance and Accounting classes taught me about operating budgets and how to analyze them based on performance, revenue, expenses, and expenditures. I learned how to create budget sheets, expense reports, and other records that directly relate to keeping a budget.
In my Resident Assistant job, I was given a budget and a certain number of events to put on for the entire semester. I had to choose how to allocate those funds for each program based
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Whether it is for class assignments or my job, I am frequently breaking down a problem into smaller, more reasonable challenges and finding solutions. When solving homework and exam questions, I often use a diagram or chart to organize the data given. This allows me to see things clearly and figure out what needs to be done to find the solution. As a Resident Assistant, problems come up all the time. Most frequently, residents come to me with roommate conflicts. Each situation is different and requires an analysis of the problem. I talk to both residents, so I can hear both sides and can look for a solution that would appeal to both residents. I look for patterns from previous roommate conflicts that I have dealt with. I end up analyzing the problem from both angles and search for a solution that works best given their circumstances. Overall, I would say that I have great analytical reasoning skills; I carry these skills over into my personal life as well, constantly breaking down large issues into smaller, easier to handle …show more content…
I used the program R to compute data from the samples where I then had to draw conclusions. In this class, I had to complete a project from start to finish; this included surveying and sampling, organizing the data, inputting the data into R, and making my final conclusion. During my internship at the Office of Inspector General, I shadowed the actuaries as they did statistical analysis through the program RAT-STATS. This program allowed them to choose what kind of test to run, and in return, it would choose exactly which data was to be used from the large sample. It also gave test statistics.
I don’t have a lot of experience with analytical research; however I have taken some classes that required me to write an analytical research paper.
As I mentioned in question one, I have taken courses that focused on teaching the basics behind budgets. In my Resident Assistant job, I am responsible for maintaining a biannual budget and choosing how to allocate those funds. In my internship at the Office of Inspector General, I kept track of money spent, allowing them to stick to their yearly budget.
4. * Indicate your experience with the Microsoft Office Suite, specifically Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Please include your level of proficiency (None/Basic/Intermediate/Advanced), and years of experience that you have for

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