Safety Rules In The Workplace Essay

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When I started working at SkyZone, I was excited about working at a place that I loved to go to. I thought of the fun that everyone had while there and assumed I would love my new job. Unfortunately, working at SkyZone was very different than going there as a customer. Working there, I had to tolerate unfair rules, annoying customers, a difficult boss, and low pay. As an employee at SkyZone, there were many rules I had to follow that I found unfair. For example, during each six-hour shift, I was allowed only one fifteen-minute break. This left me no time to get something to eat and the facility’s concession stand only sold snacks. It was also difficult when I needed water or a bathroom break. The only way to use the bathroom when …show more content…
Each station had safety rules and it was my job to enforce them. However, customers often chose to ignore me, as well as the rules. For example, at the foam pit, it was my job to instruct people when to jump in to avoid injuries. Unfortunately, the customers often jumped in without my permission. Parents were sometimes rude when I told their children what or what not to do and teenagers frequently ignored my instructions. At the free jump station, one of the safety rules was that only one person per trampoline was allowed to jump at a time. Regardless of what I said, some customers felt they could make their own rules. At the dodgeball station, some customers did not like when I called them out, and they argued with me or refused to come out of the …show more content…
It was frustrating working under poor conditions, being treated unfairly, and not being paid well. There was nothing to motivate me because I knew there was no chance for a promotion. No one in my position had been promoted to supervisor, so I knew I could not make more money even if I worked hard. I wanted to work more shifts to earn more money, but I was only put in schedule two times a week. There were many reasons why I did not like my job at SkyZone. The unfair rules, rude customers, difficult boss, and low wages made my time at work very unpleasant, and this led to my decision to quit. The job was very different than what I expected. I realized that just because a place is fun to go to as a customer, does not mean it is a good place to

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