Essay On Welfare Should Not Work

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Welfare is a very helpful program that helps support Americans with low-income. It’s nice to help those who can’t support their family because of financial issues. Although, it would be nice to support welfare recipients who work for their welfare check instead of those who sit down all day and expect the government to deal with their financial problems. Working for welfare makes sense because why should hardworking Americans give up money on pay checks that they’ve earned and give it to those who do nothing all day. People on welfare should work to receive their welfare money, because it’s not fair to those hardworking Americans giving up part of their pay checks for people who would rather be lazy and not work like the rest of America. “States are moving to once again require able-bodied adults to put in work hours in exchange for food stamps, after the requirements largely were suspended by the Obama administration” (FOX News Network). Unemployed people on welfare will not be asked to work for paying jobs, but for volunteer …show more content…
Volunteer programs are accepting as many people as they can get. People also argue that some welfare recipients are disabled. This is true, but the disabled recipients have a legitimate excuse for not working. Therefore, the government created “disability” to support those who are disabled and can’t work. Another argument is that jobs don’t hire free labor. People think that if a job can hire someone with no pay, they would be the first to get hired and this would be unfair to other businesses paying those who work for them. This is also true, but as I said in my previous refutation, welfare recipients should be required to work in volunteer groups where no one gets paid, because community service is considered “free

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