The Importance Of Words

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Words are one of the remarkable tools we use to communicate with one another. Words have a purpose and tell our stories. Society 's focus on words proves that language is essential to becoming a member of the community and it 's worth is evident in our relationship to words. Take, for example, parents ' preoccupation with a child 's first words. When a child first learns to speak, it is indeed often a memory that is proudly shared among friends and family and remembered for a lifetime. And while words seem to come naturally for most, learning to read and write can be a coming of age task that is a lot more challenging to master. I am indebted to the people who have helped me along this journey to literacy and those that continue to support …show more content…
I remember being able to write my name before Kindergarten, but not much else. The teachers would go around and help each one of us write our names on a wide slip of paper with lines until we got it right. We could see our names printed everywhere; on our cubbies, on the Birthday board and on all of our personal items we brought to school. It seemed only natural that our names would be one of our first written words. My dad tells me, “One of the very first places I remember you writing your name was in all of your books. You were so proud to own …show more content…
Now 25, I had been out of school for seven long years. I had grown tired of going nowhere with my life and hated feeling stagnant. I was so nervous because I had completely forgotten how to be a critical reader, take notes, and write papers. So far, my experience has been great, my mind feels refreshed and recharged and I am slowly learning how to be an academic learner again. I recently took a poetry class and reinvigorated my love for reading and writing poems. With the help of writing coaches, professors and my peers I am learning how to write and read as efficiently as ever. I know I have a long way to go, but it gets easier with time and

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