Essay on The Importance Of Word Of Mouth Advertising

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The focus on the importance of word-of-mouth advertising was a major strength as provided by Jonah Berger. Throughout his book, Berger constantly tied in how STEPPS tied into and is relevant to word-of-mouth advertising. Contagious Why Things Catch on written by Jonah Berger main argument is focused on introducing ideas that would make a product or idea flourish, or simply about “what makes things popular.” A product or idea is able to flourish because it is remarkable, something worth talking about, or something worth mentioning. The most effective source of marketing or advertising is not billboards, TV commercials, promotions, etc. instead, it is word-of-mouth advertising. When consumers start talking about product or ideas to other consumers, this is how you know your product or idea is popular and is going viral. Advertisements like TV commercials and billboards are not effective forms of advertisement because there is no credibility behind these things that are only trying to sell their product or idea to a consumer.

Because consumers do not have any trust or faith in these advertisements they are not likely to invest their time or money in them. Contrarily, people trust their friends and family who generally have their best interest in mind. Consumer’s friends and family know what will benefit them and what they need better than marketers. There is an established trust and faith in a consumer’s family and friends, and this is why word-of-mouth marketing is the most…

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