Cause Of Women's Suffrage

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The victory of women’s suffrage was a huge advancement in the way women were treated. It proved that women and men were equal in terms of citizenship. But despite having won the largest advancement in women exploitation, winning the right to vote was not the end of women’s pain. Women still had to fight to be seen as capable in a male-dominant society.
During this time period, men generally ran the workforce, while women ran the homes doing typical house jobs (Kim). There were some exceptions to this standard rule set forth by society, but these exceptions didn’t come without consequences. Women who were young, single, widows, divorcees, poor married women, or women of color generally obtained jobs. And those women who worked professionally,
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Women received half of the wages a man would receive after working the same amount. Women were required to work long hours filling shells with explosives. During the war, ammunition factories were exceedingly important but dangerous. Accidental explosions occurred frequently and one explosion could trigger more to be set off. In addition, factories were unhealthy, acid fumes from explosives damaged their lungs and caused yellowing of the skin. (Kim). All of these conditions caused the working-class and middle-class to continuously fight to raise wages and improve working condition (Women in World War I).
World War I was a turning point for women; it showed that women would be in a male-dominate society and do more than just raise kids and stay at home. Before women had no socio-economic power, but after they proved they were just as important to the war as men. Women had the responsibility of equipping soldiers and keeping the country improving through the war. Women were given the opportunity to prove their contribution and right to responsibility just like a man, and World War I provided that chance for them.

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