Analysis Of Argumentative Essay: The Rights Of Women

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Democracy prides itself on giving people freedom. Before the 1920’s women did not have the option to vote much less any other freedoms given to white men. It’s a great controversy over where the line between women’s rights ends and cultural repression begins. Feminists will argue for and against for many different reasons why a niqab or burqa should or shouldn’t be worn. The niqab and burqa area hindrance to women and their rights in Islamic, male dominated countries like Iran and Afghanistan but in Western democracies it should be each individual’s choice is strange. Feminists want freedom to dress anyway they choose but at the same time sacrifice some women to a cult of misogyny. Western democracies need to be leaders in progressive ideals …show more content…
”Society persecutes women who do not wear a hijab. Of course, I wear a hijab. If I want to be practical and interact with this society while [sustaining] minimal damage, I must wear a hijab. A woman who does not wear a hijab is guilty until proven [innocent]. Why should I waste my time proving that I am a respectable and educated girl?”(Chesler, 2010). And many times these women who escape these religious ties cannot face that they can show their face. “Many children who are brought up within fundamentalist religions or in cults are trained, by a system of reward and punishment, to obey their parents, teachers, and religious leaders. As adults, if they wish to remain within the community (and the opportunity for leaving did not and still does not exist for most Muslim women) they must continue to conform to its norms” (Chesler, 2010). The best way to influence those countries that enforce wearing burqas, like Afghanistan, is to use the power Western democracies influence. If globalization is inevitable and along with that comes “Americanization”, or “Eurotization”, then the best option is to lead by

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