Summary Of Revolutionary Mothers By Carol Berkin

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Revolutionary Mothers by Carol Berkin details the story of the importance that women had before, during, and after the Revolutionary War. Berkin narrowed her scope to the roles that women played since the main teachings of this crucial event within U.S. history only focus on the male perspective; women are usually pushed aside, are barely mentioned, or their roles are romanticized. One of my favorite aspects that Berkin included within her text is the fact that she included all types of women. She had no bias towards their race, age, political affiliation, or social class - thus concluding the major power and impact that women have when they come together for a common cause or end goal. Since the majority of men were gone at war, some of the …show more content…
Being a woman myself, I could definitely emphasize with the accounts of the women included and some of the horrible experiences they had to face. It also felt empowering to read of how brave these women were during a time centered around uncertainty, blood, and death. If someone was learning about U.S. history for the first time, this book would be an excellent supplement to an ordinary history class where they would receive the bulk of their information. I say this because Revolutionary Mothers definitely challenges other works, none that I can state explicitly, expect the overall work of retelling history from teachers and professors around the world. Since Berkin remains so focused on the women during this time period, I think this book would provide as an exceptional source of information for social justice groups fighting for better rights surrounding feminism, race and inequality, and countless others. Personally, I don’t think Berkin ignored or overemphasized the different topics brought forward but instead, she gave them an appropriate amount of time, sources, and explanation of importance within her text. The fact that Berkin delved so specifically and closely into the accounts of women from all walks of life makes Revolutionary Mothers that much better; it’s diverse from all accounts so

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