The Importance Of Women In Leadership

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Gender is important but it is the wrong way to judge a women’s leadership and prevent them from not becoming a role-model. Women are judged because people don’t believe and respect women as they do men. From the past to the present, there are not many women in leadership roles even though the percentage of women in the world is more than men. This discrimination is still happening today. For instance, Hillary Clinton is a typical example. She has faced too many challenges because people don’t believe she has the right abilities to serve in government because she is a woman. This difficulty is not unique to politics but women face gender inequality in other areas, such as business, science and medical fields. To be elected or given equal pay, …show more content…
It is difficult but does not mean that women are not suitable and no possibility to get in. “The environment is highly competitive as a blood sport, football without helmet.” (Driedger, Myrna. “Challenges for women in politics.”). It is a hard environment but women are not weak like they thought. “Many ambitious, talented women shun running for political office drop out of high-powered firms and gravitate to smaller firms or their own business or not for profits-places where they can make a difference that fit better with their person values and have cultures more accommodating to a work-life balance.” (Driedger, Myrna. “Challenges for women in politics.”), If they already know the difficulty they get, why do more women want to participate in politics? In 1872, Victoria Woodhull became the first women to run a formal campaign for president. Belva Lockwood is the second woman rant to serve in both the US House of representatives and the US senate. Although they achieved some success, they still faced too many challenges to get it. “Smith faced more discrimination for being a woman then she did for being black.” (Jenick, Alicia. “Experiences of female presidential candidates.”). This shows that they are not afraid to challenges, all pressures are from discrimination of their …show more content…
The workplace is only around the house, the kitchen. By the time, women are strong enough to face with challenges and lead to success. Women leaders can give good economy, relationship and also change America become a good way. However, the discrimination doesn’t stop at the election. It also happens in education when some poor countries or specific religious countries don’t allow the female student to go to school which will lead these girls don’t have any goal and man still take the important role. This is also the reason why only some women in politics or business. If men become leaders, women can also. In conclusion, women have high education, skillful, good leadership should be in the important role. Don’t let their talent be lost because of foolish reason. Women are also more patient and less likely use violence which is good for a country. Both woman and man can together control and make things become

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