Beauty By Susan Sontag Analysis

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I often wonder why we don’t see commercials of men looking in the mirror thinking they’re not beautiful enough, though I have seen numerous advertisements of women being portrayed as insecure about their natural beauty. An essay called “Beauty” written by Susan Sontag describes the crude scrutiny society has on women in contrast to men when it comes to physical beauty. Overall, I believe that men have it easier than women in society when it comes to maintaining beauty expectations.

First and foremost, society has established beauty a job for women to maintain and not men. Thus forcing women to prioritize beauty above all. For example a man considered unattractive may get the job at an interview but when a woman goes for the job, there is
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“Women are taught to see their body part by part” (271). More so “women are taught” states the minds of women as it is brainwashed by society to view beauty is what others see and think of them. Indeed “to see their body part by part” illustrates how corrupted and industrialized society has made of beauty in terms of money. For instance, companies make money off women addicted to plastic surgeries. As it is very common in today’s generation for women to get temporary lip, and nose lifting fillers. I believe it is unacceptable for our society to lose respect towards women and to use them as a platform to make money off of. In comparison, men have it easier as they are viewed and judged upon their actions. For instance if a man treats a woman well he is a gentleman, if he doesn’t treat a woman well he is viewed as an ill-mannered human. Another huge example is Kylie Jenner. She had surgically injected temporarily lip fillers because she felt insecure for having small lips. Consequently the world’s reaction to Kylie having huge, round lips went viral. Due to Kylie being an icon to many young girls, this has resulted in the creation of the ‘Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge’. Many young girls across America had been hugely impacted by this scandal. Unfortunately this had resulted in her fans taking extreme measures to make their lips huge. …show more content…
In other words women are expected to attract men with their beauty. Nevertheless “it is not the power to do, but the power to attract” (271) states at the end of the day, all that matters is if a woman is able to attract a man with her beauty, regardless whether she likes it or not. Moreover, this shows that men or society would do whatever it takes to make a woman look appealing to their desires even at the cost of turning them into prostitutes. A societal bias I would like to address is not every woman works on her beauty for men. With sexual orientations being more accepted by today’s generation, women work on their beauty to attract other women who feel the same. Not everyone is attracted to a man or women, they couldn’t care less about beauty. In the end men have it easier as society teaches a woman’s beauty is just for

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