The Importance Of Women By John Steinbeck

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not only for a piece of clothing. Nakedness is lack of human dignity and also that beautiful virtue of purity and lack of respect for each other" (Iskandar. “Mother Teresa Quotations”:www.iskandarcom/waleed 911motherteres.html.Web.17Jan.2014). There is a general accusation that the women are not given due respect by the male writers. It is true in case of Steinbeck because in his novels the women are either housewives or whores. They are underprivileged and have-nots in all respects. Peter Lisca and Claude-Edmonde Magny hold that there is scarcity of women and abundance of prostitutes in the novels of Steinbeck. Steinbeck himself indirectly admits that he could not do justice with the women folk. In a letter to his Stanford classmate, Katherine Beswick, he defends his ability to discern the inner thoughts of a woman: “Most of our literature was written by men. And I am inclined to believe that they have given us other men a highly erroneous idea of sex....At least Katherine. I play safe. I use only the outward manifestations of some I have …show more content…
There is a clump of willows nearby where human faces lie exposed to the flies - the same flies that are in the tents there was an another child, a four-year-old boy. Few weeks they had noticed that he was kind of lack a deistical, that his eyes have been feverish…They had given him the best place in the bed between father and mother. But one night he went in convulsions and died, and the next morning the coroner’s wagon took him away. He had had no milk for months. With this death there came change of mind in his family, the father and mother now feel that paralysed dullness which the mind protects itself against too much sorrow and too much pain" (Covici Ed. Steinbeck 1945:

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