Improving Patient Monitoring

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Consequently, both scientific different lists of technological solutions got interested with a list of different technology solution which permit to speed up in information technology towards enhancement the good quality of health care system. Among the solutions, one in the direction of enhancement has been taken in durable controlling consideration for the health situation of the patient by creating a monitoring for the health care system. A continuing monitoring service becomes a required need for detecting any unmoral situation in the patient’ health especially the time they spent at their home .
Many different technologies have been incorporated and adapted to help the monitoring of sick people while adapted while they are doing their
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The communication protocols used in connecting sensors form a network for collecting sensory information called BSN. Patients who are going about their day to day activity can receive quality health monitoring in real time by us of BSN. The BSN nodes are attached to these patients. On a predetermined period, the BSN collect health information such as pulse, blood sugar level and temperature and transmit it to a remote medical aid. This way, the medical personnel are able to keep up to date with the state of their patients. Letting patients wear a BSN or installing such a network within their living environment enables the medical staff to report and collect health relevant data. A Wireless Body Sensor Network (WBSN) incorporates tiny wireless sensors that can be mounted on individuals and thus allow them to roam liberally in their location while they are being monitored. In order to provide a monitoring system the concept of m-health was defined as ”mobile computing, medical sensor, and communications technologies for health care” .The concept of Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN) was first introduced by Van Dam et al. in 2001 to fully exploit the benefits of wireless technologies in telemedicine and m-health . Employing WBAN for monitoring the patients may provide that they will no longer …show more content…
The reason for selecting ECG signal as a sample biomedical is that ECG signals generally show redundancy between adjacent heartbeats because of their structure. This redundancy implies a high degree of common support between consecutive heartbeats. Long-term records of ECG signals have been commonly used to detect information from the heart diseases. That is why the quantity of data grows expressively, and compression is required for reducing the storage and transmission times. Our research reportisan attempttoprovideinformationto thosewhoareinterestedin telemedicine and elderly with chronic diseases will take advantage of this project. Professionally, doctors, nurses and students who study in computer science, biology and electronics should take into account what I will come up with. Interdisciplinary fields such as computer technology, electronics, biology, and medicine fields are working together in order to ensure that the broad vision of wireless body area network (WBAN) for smart

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