The Importance Of William Glasser's Choice Theory

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Individuals understanding that they are in control of their own behaviors and decisions and no matter what has happened in a person’s past he/she have a choice to make better decisions for the future. This belief is the foundation of Choice Theory presented by William Glasser. William Glasser was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1925. William Glasser attended Case Western Reserve University in Ohio and he received a B.S in 1945 and a M.A. in clinical psychology in 1948. He later attended University of California in Los Angeles and received his M.D. in 1953 and completed a psychiatric residency between 1954 and 1957. He was board-certified in psychiatry in 1961. The University of San Francisco awarded Dr. Glasser an honorary degree in 1990. In …show more content…
In order to use the Choice Theory accurately, as a therapist, there should be some training on the techniques and building the relationship. Glasser believes that unsatisfying relationships are the reasons and causes of the Choice Theory ( ). Therapist must assist in the establishing of relationships as well as teach clients to choose more effective ways to behave ( ). The same way that unsatisfying relationships can lead to psychological problems, psychological problems can also lead to unsatisfying relationships ( ). If the client did not voluntarily come to therapy, it is key for therapist to focus on connecting with the client before completing any other task or going any further. It is a possibility that the client does not have any positive relationships and lack relationships in the past as well. Therapist’s role is remain nonjudgmental and to evaluate the client but act as an advocate to help and support and to encourage …show more content…
Since I am an educator, Choice Theory has also made an impact on my beliefs. Glasser (2001) stressed that the relationship between an educator and a student is crucial to effective outcomes. The relationship should be transparent and time should be devoted to expressing empathy and developing rapport and trust. This safe and satisfying relationship forms the base from which students may evaluate the other relationships in their lives and how to get what they want more effectively ( ). I agree with Glasser and believe the reason that I have been a successful teacher is due to my relationship building skills with my students. In my experience I have come to realize that students have a tendency to lack trust in others, some for valid reasons and others because they have not learned to trust others. The Choice Theory helps teachers to foster friendship and build a sense of community in the classroom.
I try to support my students and try to teach them about total behaviors and help them to understand that they select the behaviors they display. Glasser suggested that students have the forces within themselves, as opposed to external influences, to control their behavior ( ). When they display unacceptable behaviors I have them think about why they are acting in a negative manner. As the educator, my goal is to express hope and to empower my

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