The Importance Of Wildlife And The Environment In Zimbabwe

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Register to read the introduction… But Zimbabwe is confronted by critical environmental and ecological problems. This has resulted in environmental degradation, declining population of endangered species, destruction of indigenous forest and wildlife habitats, soil erosion, pollution in all its forms, and ruthless exploitation of our natural resources for short-term …show more content…
These community groups are formed by people with a passion for the environment and who also want to earn a living from waste recycling and reuse. The formation of waste management groups is also partly due to the increase in the uncollected waste that has been accumulating around the City. However, the groups are just loose groups of individuals especially the youth which do not exist as legal entities. They have been finding it difficult to operate without registration as companies or common law trusts. Through workshops and seminars, the Zimbabwe Environmental Law Association received requests from all the groups for legal assistance. Most of the requests are for their registration either as companies or trusts. ZELA has agreed with Environment Africa and Practical Action to work on a plan of action that will result in the registration of the groups. It is noteworthy that the efforts of these groups are a result of sustained education programmers on waste management and environmental protection around Harare by the civil society. Therefore, the formation of the waste management enterprises is one way of implementing the principles of environmental management contained in the Environmental Management Act and other pieces of legislation. The benefits of registration are that the groups can effectively engage the private sector and request for assistance as a legal entity with traceable references. This can also assist the group in seeking for credit and loans as small enterprises that benefit the whole

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