Effects Of Ghetto On African American Community

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I am sitting down to finish this paper on Saturday night. I had decided to not complete this paper and you ask “Because you ran out of time?” …“Or is out of sheer defiance?!? (McIntosh)” Honestly, neither of those reasons. I had sat down no less than five different times over the course of the last week to complete this paper. At first I assumed this would be the easiest paper that I had written all semester for American Ethnicity. I thought this was because not only did I enjoy the reading and found it interesting and informative. I also feel I currently have more knowledge on this subject then the average student. However, when I sat down I went blank. I had nothing to say, crazy I know. I spent a lot of time reflecting and trying to figure out why I could not come up with a direction …show more content…
Although housing segregation is illegal that does not stop people from doing things to aid in continued housing segregation. Homeowners, realtors and the government all played a part in keeping the ghettos the hopeless places they had become.
Next, the book starts to discuss the various effects of living in ghettos on the African American community. Educational inequality and adverse health are two of the ways in which the African American community are punished per say merely for being born in the wrong area. It is about time that we stop assuming that uneducated people and people in poor health live in ghettos and realized that the ghettos produce these uneducated people in poor health.
The inequality with the United States Justice system is the next topic discussed in the book. The “War on Drugs”, minimum sentencing, and the power of the prosecutor have led to great disparities in the racial makeup of US prisons. The effects of incarceration on these young African American men are long lasting. They become harder to employ, disconnected from their families and likely to commit another

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