The Importance Of Whirlwind Writing

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When things become hectic, most people’s first reaction is usually to avoid whatever is causing distress. What happens when this occurs during the writing stages? What happens when a person has so many ideas to explore, and yet has to somehow cut down? That is what many writers face when attempting to write any type of piece, and it can truly influence whether or not the piece is strong or not. As someone who has many ideas, I often get swept away by them rather than controlling them. This type of style is what I call “Whirlwind Writing”. This style has both benefits and pitfalls: the ability to implement one’s ideas without losing it within the writing itself, but also having to be wary of page limits that unintentionally make the limit itself …show more content…
The habit of writing in passive voice could stem from my lack of essay writing experience up until high school. In high school, it is expected that the students know the bare-bone basics of how to write a thesis or structure a paper. While I did know the sentence structure and how to somewhat write, grammar and other details were not something I was ever taught. Despite not learning these skills until high school and college, I can point out some areas within my paper where there is passive voice. In my introduction paragraph, I set up my ideas before going into the thesis itself. There is one sentence where I write “When thinking about the patriarchal system set in place during Shakespeare’s time, as that system is disturbed, there are consequences”. I bolded the area that is considered passive voice, and while I understand that passive voice is usually informal and frowned upon, I do not think that I would reword this specific sentence. The main focus was the idea of the system being a cause of pain for the characters. If I had placed the idea of consequences first, it would have sounded odd or switched. This could simply be force of habit, or my current writing style considering the sentence would still make sense even if “there are consequences” was placed before “as that system is disturbed”. The system was an idea I continually referred back to within my essay, and …show more content…
I spoke in slang until I was about 14, and my writing showed that habit of mine for a very long time. Once I got to college is when it became easier to realize what slang was, and how to avoid it within a paper. With that knowledge, I began to become more interested in how to write sentences: how many different ways it could be worded and still make sense, how often I could move ideas around, etc. With this Shakespeare essay specifically, because of my knowledge in this class, it was a lot more put together than many of my other essays. Despite this slight reassurance, I could have many run on sentences and possibly even comma splices without even realizing it. This is where the “whirlwind” aspect of my writing comes in, especially when I have a lot of ideas but unsure of how to word them properly. The first sentence of the essay pops into my head when thinking about diction due to how difficult I found it to find the right words to get the idea in my head out. I wrote how “Within literature, women are often see as an angel or a demon regardless of what they do”. By reading it outloud, one can easily hear how odd it sounds; the wording is somewhat off and awkward. What is meant by “what they do?” and that in itself kills the formal tone of the paper. It makes it sound like I had no mindset when it came to what women actually took part in literature wise. I would

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