The Importance Of Welfare In The Cattle Industry

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Temple Grandin states you can only manage what you can measure to identify problems and achieve improved states of welfare (Lyles, Calvo-Lorenzo 5335). Welfare in cattle has been a major topic and question of many many years due to the numerous practices. Societal acceptance is a big concern in the welfare because what ties into it is the views of treatment and living conditions of these animals. In the cattle industry outsiders and the people known as the consumers need to understand how livestock operations work and why they work the way they do. From husbandry practices to new and improved advancements issues and concerns can go on but there are correct solutions that have been tested and proven to be the reason why the industry does what …show more content…
The early life of the animal is observed as the most stressful from undergoing, tagging, branding and weaning. After these three life stages are done the life is very simple for the animals. Weaning is the action of cutting the calf from the cow or heifer, in order to separate for organizational purposes. Wrong practices in weaning can cause high stress levels in calves from tearing down fence to lack of performance and feed intake. Practices such as fence line weaning and feed block weaning have been the top two practices and the most stress free practice of weaning. These two practices involve close contact to mother animal the fore the calf can closely socially interact with mother and still be separated. Feed block weaning allows cow and calf to stay together but a physical object is placed on calfs nose to poke the cows utter to enforce small pain not allowing mom to nurse. This eventually leads to the calf becoming independent on feeding itself making the weaning practice …show more content…
On average one ranchers feeds 161 people. Livestock products are 50% of the agricultural economy and beef accounts for half of that 25%. Theses facts just show the importance of the cattle industry and just how big it is. Challenges involving the welfare concerns on the industry continue to grow but practice are becoming more and more prestige and advanced for the correct perception to be received. The goal to be reached is the proper care of the soon to be product and the outcome and results that reflect on these strategies and practices (Lyles, Calvo-Lorenzo 5341). A professional operation is crucial to keep the high standard the industry is held to. Time needs to be spent on the observation of the hard work and time before the image of just a crowed pen or pinned down animal or stance and odd feed ration to come to an understand of how the industry works the way it

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