The Importance Of Websites

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Websites are a key element to every business in today’s market. It is a company’s domain where they provide information to people who surf the web looking for a product or service. In order to entice users to the site and have them return to it you must be extremely creative and update the site continuously. Companies design websites to communicate with users by providing useful information and creating awareness on products and services. Millions of internet users surf the web on a daily basis to satisfy a certain need. Whether buying a home, car, clothes, and even prescription glasses it seems like the world wide web has all the answers. Websites play an important role, for large corporations as well as small businesses, in delivering information …show more content…
LensCrafters provides information about each lens they carry by, keeping your lifestyle in mind when choosing the perfect lenses for you. They have provided a Vison Guide to help customers understand the importance of eye health. This in turn leads the consumer to believe the company has their best interest in mind. From articles about age-related macular degeneration, patient testimonials, information about different kinds of eye allergies, as well as how to take care of your eyewear, LensCrafters provides quality information for their consumers. LensCrafters takes pride in presenting consumers with handmade frame brands from around the world and committed to providing quality vision care. Clarity of the brand’s image is important with two simple symbols of a heart and one eye, signifying the care they take in servicing the general public. They stand out in the mass of vison companies, by being one of the only brands to provide the Clarifye digital eye …show more content…
The slide show includes multiple opportunities to receive a discount on new frames. Below the slide show you can gaze upon some of the favorite frames customers have gravitated towards. On the top display, there are categories ranging from glasses, all the way to offers provided. These categories have their own drop-downs to better navigate the site. For example, when you use the drop down on the glasses option it gives you options to shop by style, frame style, and face shape. You also have the ability to shop by brand which helps narrow on the search for the customer who has a certain style in mind.
The front page includes multiple discounts for customers such as buy one get one free and fifty-percent off a pair of glasses. They provide a guide to find the right lenses that fit your style and needs. They separate them into different categories and provide pictures to show the consumer what it looks like to wear the lenses. VisonWorks also provides a try-on option where you are able to upload a picture of yourself to see what you would look like with the glasses on. This adds an extra convenience for the customer so that if they are unable to make it to the store, they can still find the right glasses for

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