The Importance Of Weather In Colombia

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Register to read the introduction… Nevertheless, some areas with high altitude, like Bogota the capital, are much cooler. In the northern areas such as Cartagena, San Andres, and Barranquilla its best time to travel are December to March or July to August. In March Colombia celebrates “Semana Santa” or Holly Week, on July 20 they celebrate their independence day, [and in December they celebrate Christmas and New Year’s]; they are known to have great parties and love to accommodate tourist and welcome them to their celebrations. (“Colombia Weather,” 2014). We can use Colombia’s weather to our advantage because the coastal areas are mostly warm all year around, and if our customers want to enjoy cooler weather than can travel to the nearest cities around the mountain …show more content…
Cartagena known as the “old walled city” with an amazing Spanish colonial architecture and its cobblestone streets attracts many tourists; as well as, its native people. During the day tourist can enjoy Cartagena’s beautiful beaches, stop by gift shops, and ending with the sunset view from the famous “Puerta del Reloj”, which it’s the gate that marks the entrance to the historic center of the Old Town . While at night when the city comes to live, tourist can enjoy out door authentic Colombian dinners with candle lights and lanterns, horse carriages, and most important Latin music (Smith, …show more content…
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