The Importance Of Water Supply In Flint

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April 25th, 2014 in Flint, Michigan the city switched its water supply. When switching the water supply, lead and debris began to seep into the drinking water. Almost instantly the majority of citizens in poverty started to complain about the water. The city and state officials began to deny that anything was wrong with the water supply. Yet the water had an odd smell, looked discolored, and had a funny taste. When the city and state officials finally acknowledged the problem in 2015 they went back to their old pipes, but it was too late to reverse the damage that was already done and the piped were already sullen and trite. That then leaves the question of why did the city change their water provider in the first place. City and state …show more content…
This is an injustice because people are forced to pay money for dirty water. Water is a human right not a luxury. Filthy water cannot be washed away. The city needs to do something to give the citizens of Flint, Michigan the clean water that they deserve. Citizens of Flint, Michigan have protested, claiming “I’m afraid to even wash my hands” others saying they’ve been “ poisoned by policy”. Parents standing up saying they're afraid for their children's health. Mother Lee-Anne Walters' of two twin 5-year-old boys says the lead poisoning from the water still affects her boys to this day, saying that her sons suffer from eye and hand coordination issues, their speech is severely impaired, and now her boys need to be retaught. Her son Gavin is now growing improperly and his growth has been stunned. Not only is their physical and developmental problems their is also an emotional toll Walters’ says her boys will always be a reminder of this tragic …show more content…
Catholic Charities of Genesee County accepts donations of bottled water and water filters along with clothing items and personal hygiene products, than things will get better for the people of Flint, but if we all sit there and watch this continue to happen without jumping in and taking a stand for something that we believe is wrong. Then I promise you nothing will get done and this problem will continue. Because as of this moment the government is doing nothing and has done nothing to help the people of Flint. Trump has made crude jokes about the city's crisis, but rather than helping he was laughing and mocking the people of Flint. A few hours after visiting the devastated poisoned city of Flint, Michigan, Donald Trump was jeering them about the water crisis that permanently damaged the health of many children. Speaking to a crowd in Canton, Ohio, Trump made the following

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