The Importance Of Water Scarverty

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The Earth is beautiful and precious, but its beauty can mask unaware people of the deep wounds below its surface. Like humans, this planet has its own unique flaws. In this case, the Earth suffers from scars that are continually getting deeper. As the world’s water basins, rivers, creeks and other freshwater sources are depleting by the gallons, it appears that water scarcity is no trivial wound. With its inhabitants’ lives at stake on this beautifully sad world, they need its tears to survive. Its puddle of teardrops is a vital necessity and more people should be aware of it importance. Fresh, unpolluted and uncontaminated water is essential to individuals living across the world; water is necessary to carry out their daily lives and activities. …show more content…
Now, that’s a problem with a cause and effect! In this case, water scarcity is mainly influenced from the industrialization of agriculture that on slot of pollution level and population growth. According to David Molden from the Comprehensive Assessment, states a vast volume (70%) of water is drained for agricultural needs that includes food production and livestock (“One-Third of the World” 3). This outstanding percentage indicates not only the numerous amounts of mouths to feed, also it shows water wasted. Secondly, pollution is a major culprit and it plays a twisted role. The United Nations unveiled that each day there is approximately 2 million tons of waste thrown into Earth’s waters that includes: industrial chemicals, human waste, and agricultural runoff and etc. (Ehrenman 2). This information reveals how preventable measures could have been implemented, instead of the unethical actions presented. Lastly, the surge of the human population in context of water conservation, the increase of population will directly drive a thirsty uproar and demand for water. It’s even been mentioned through in sources, that by 2025, 2.4 billion out of 3.5 billion people will live under high water stress conditions (Blitt 4). This report can perhaps overwhelm the mind of an individual, just enough to bring realization and that changes is needed to sustain the

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