The Importance Of Water Cleaning

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On Earth, there is an abundance of water but realistically only 1% of that water is available for human use. Our water recycles itself continuously through the water cycle, however the more we use water from the 1%, the higher the chance that the water will become polluted and unusable for humans. Moreover, when our use of water outruns the rate at which it can be restored naturally, we increase the risk of water scarcity. As more water becomes contaminated and as more human activities impact the natural water cycle, we will experience more water shortages. Fresh water is quickly becoming a scarce resource in the world, causing supplies to be restricted or limited in many places. Fresh water is also going up in cost which is reason enough to conserve and use …show more content…
Student should be demonstrated a visual display on water consumption and the consequences of the misuse of this water. Students must learn how much water is used in common daily tasks and the impact that it has on them, the public health and the natural world. So students comprehend the purpose of limiting shower time they should be presented with the campus sustainability projects, goals, and accomplishments such as the Triple Zero Plan.
To fully put into action this plan, a card scan reader would be installed in each of the shower stalls for students to swipe their school identification card. The scan reader would have a mini screen where it would demonstrate them a 15 minute countdown of their shower time. If students are not able to comply with the plan then every time they exceed the time limit they would be charged $1.50 per gallon. Afterall, the average price of water in the United States is about $1.50. The fee would be charged from the students cat dollars as it seems more reasonable then charging it from their dining

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