The Importance Of The Home Front

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Historically, war is not an uncommon thing. If we want to examine any war we must look at the two parts of that war. The two parts of any war are the battle field and the home front. In this paper the American home front during WWII will be examined. Although the war was waged on the battle fields of Europe the American army and to some extent the allies were equipped with supplies coming from the US home front. The importance of the home front cannot be underestimated for any reason. No army fights without weapons, and a underequipped army will not stand a chance against any one. So the conclusion that can drown from this is that no home front = no weapons= the war is lost. The home front is very important. This …show more content…
Let us not forget that the American war effort was first and foremost a patriotic war. American citizens believed in their country and its values and how drastically opposed to the message of hope that American offered Hitler was. Now there are those that looked at American involvement in WWII and say how can America fight for freedom when it does not even have total freedom, as set up by the constitution, for all of its citizens. Appoints of the war cite the racial intolerance of that time as a reason that the us has no right on its own to fight any adversary based on moral grounds. How can we relate Hitler’s butchering 6,000,000 Jews and millions others to the racial intolerance of the US, despite the lynching and the demeaning of some minorities. To compare these crimes and set them equal is not only an insult to those who where massacred by Hitler, but also no excuse for keeping America out of a fight with true just and moral causes. The people of the home front knew of and understood the danger of ignoring these threats, and believed that the united states of America with all its drawbacks and blemishes had the best system of government, the most potential for growth and the best chance of any nation to stand true to these famous words, “one nation under God in divisible with liberty and justice for

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