War And Persecution On Culture Essay

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War and persecution on Culture and Power 2
Throughout history Cultures have changed and disappeared, cultures have also been suppressed by the outcomes and actions that took place in war. How do war and persecution suppress culture and the powers the culture holds? I will be investigating this by looking at Simulacra and how the Jews were affected after World War II. Simulacra can cause victimology, which would harm the production of a culture by the means of their agency. I will also be looking at the cultural norms during the war which lead to persecution of the Jewish religion. Norms would suppress a culture if it is seen as taboo allowing negative sanctions
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Jews receive negativity from social media and comedians in the form of holocaust jokes, how can the Jewish culture be productive and taken on a serious level when they are given this portrayal from a horrific event? Even though the Jewish religion is a very old and very respectable religion, I feel it would be unnecessarily difficult for a member of that faith to feel cultural capital and exercise agency when they are being attacked by the most modern, and massively used media; social media. As posted in the Dailymail by Jo Clement (2009), Ricky Gervais made a joke at the Golden Globes receiving negative criticism, “The issues holocaust films have is the lack of gag reels”, as if the holocaust should be something jokes about. This method suppressing the Jewish culture through exercising agency did not exist prior to the second world war. Cultural norms importance is taboo and negative sanctions, which are reactions to a violated norm (Steckley, Letts, pg.71). During WWII Jews were to wear a star on their clothing to indicate their religion, this was to let Nazi soldiers aware of their crimes against Germany. Nazis portrayed Judaism as taboo, this caused people to turn in and report offenders they knew of or encountered. I feel it is correct to say that the power the culture held was being destroyed by the outcomes the sanctions had on the Jews;

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