The Importance Of WELL Experience

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The artifacts I included in my E-portfolio highlight the work I completed during my WELL experience. I included my resume and cover letter which I learned how to create while taking WELL 310. Those highlight my past and current job experiences I have had and extracurricular activities throughout my high school and college career. For WELL 400 I included leadership reflections which discuss how WELL has taught me to become a leader and a learner in and out of the classroom. I also included my digital story based on an interview I conducted with a Bay Path Alumni. This interview taught me how beneficial receiving an education through Bay Path can help you in the future. While undergoing my collegiate career at Bay Path there are many learning …show more content…
While studying at Bay Path I have learned the importance of putting academics first. This has been difficult for me because I love to be involved in social activities on campus rather than sitting down and studying. Bay Path has provided me with plenty of places to successfully do my homework without disruption such as the study lounges, classrooms and the library. The learning experiences have prepared me for success in my future career. This is because I have learned to manage my time and reach out for help when needed. These two skills are extremely important when entering my career goal of Occupational Therapy. As a OT you need to be knowledgeable, be able to schedule out your time and have the ability to work well with others. During my Bay Path experience, I have been able to stay involved on campus through athletics and working as a student ambassador on campus, while succeeding academically. I have learned the importance of working well with others through group projects in class, being a member of an athletic team and working with professors. Being so involved in Bay Path’s campus has taught me to manage my time to be successful all …show more content…
As a WELL student, you learn that no person can advocate for yourself better than you. This means you should keep your best interest in mind. When it comes to facing challenges academically or between another person and yourself. Bay Path provides you with resources that will not only help you become successful but, also give you the knowledge you need to succeed. When it comes to needing academic guidance, professors and advisors are more than willing to meet with students. If in need of career guidance, Bay Path students are provided with the great resource of the Bay Path Career Center. Bay Path’s WELL program along with other courses taken at Bay Path allow their student to feel empowered. They are encouraged to have a voice, share their opinion and be open to new ideas. In our WELL classes we have been taught ways in which we can reach out to our Bay Path community and local community and help others through community

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