The Importance Of Volunteerism

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Research Question: How do education programs like "Me to We" work against their own purpose either intentionally or inadvertently, for community development?
Foreign aid to developing nations for decades has resulted in further dependence as oppose to independence as predicted by the forces instituting the aid. The “Me to We” charity’s educational program acts as a source of alleged development, however, despite its appearance of positive development it acts to exploit and subject’s impressionable natives to neocolonial principles. After preliminary research, it is apparent that the Me to We Education program aims to improve access to schools, and provide additional resources like teacher training and supplies. The WE Charity’s Education pillar
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This results in the infiltration of unqualified personas on the ground participating in an alleged education movement based on ideals of western culture which acts to inhibit the alleged progress that the program proposes. In my paper, I aim to address these inconsistencies and prescribe ways that they could be resolved. Simultaneously discourses of volunteerism will be developed, as the basis of this program is the idea of volunteering. Within that area of discourse issues such as volunteer tourism will be discussed as a fundamental flaw that exists within this particular program. Similarly, in embarking on Eurocentric measurements of “poverty” and “development”, and in acknowledging the aid dependent nations as “developing” nations, the basis of the education campaign be a neocolonial …show more content…
The idea of leaving your developed nation to assist those suffering in the developing nations, the measurement of wealth and development used are all Eurocentric and the emphasis on economic assistance demonstrates the neoliberalist agenda. WE Schools provides helpful resources for educators and exclusive learning opportunities for students—including AP with WE Service and Aboriginal Programming. WE Schools also gives teachers the opportunity to host perspective-changing speaking engagements in their classrooms. “WE Schools is a unique, four-step program—delivered by our educational partners in 12,300 schools in Canada and the U.S. as well as over 3,000 in the UK—that challenges young people to identify the local and global issues that spark their passion and then empowers them with the tools to take action. The WE Schools program provides educators and students with curriculum, educational resources and a full calendar of action campaign ideas. Through WE Schools, students gain an understanding of the root causes of pressing issues like hunger, poverty and lack of education, and explore what they can do to help. They also plan at least one local and one global action to improve their community and the

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