The Importance Of Volunteering From Helping The Sick Essay

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Everyday people make important decisions in life such as getting baptized, do their first communion, get married, or just assist to church any day, they are all important because they are all celebrations with God. We know there are many religions as well many believers and nonbelievers of Jesus Christ. During the past weeks, it was hard for me to decide for a project to serve in because last year I worked for an organization that did everything about volunteering from helping the sick, to the poor and the needy of attention and love or friendship. I was looking forward for a new experience of serving and I found the one service that some may think is easy to do.
In order for me to decide I had to ask what was the job and what was the process of it. the person gave me a general idea and it sounded interesting. Then she commented, “The hardest thing all the time is to deal with different people and to be humble in some occasions”. Then she added, “but with the grace of God I have been learning to control myself and serve God, pleasing Him not the people that comes and goes most of the time”. Then she proceeded to explain that there are rules and ways that the pastor has in the church based on the religion which is Catholic. After that she then went ahead and explain that first people make an appointment with the Pastor then she makes an appointment with them to come into an agreement for the day of the rehearsal and the details that come with the celebration. After the main…

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