The Importance Of Volunteering At A Homeless Shelter Essays

1611 Words Oct 9th, 2015 null Page
To my surprise, I found myself somewhere I never visualized myself being on a Friday night, actually, a place I never expected I would spend any night to be exact, surrounded by fifty or sixty men; of all different races, ages, and religions. I had overwhelming feelings of reconsideration and anxiety flowing through my body. I was wondering if these men would look at me different because of how I dressed or spoke. Nevertheless, I tried to convince myself everybody here was equal, and that I was not superior to the men here were. Amazingly, after my first few encounters while volunteering at a homeless shelter, it was quickly made apparent that everybody here was in fact parallel. The fact that these men dwelled in a homeless encampment made no difference; we were two peas in a pod. As soon as I walked through the doors of the Faith Mission homeless shelter in Columbus, Ohio, at 5:30pm, I immediately questioned myself on the decision of volunteering my time with the homeless. Right from the beginning, I noticed a pungent odor lingering in the air. Ironically, the smell reminded me of my Uncle Alonzo, who would often live out of his car or vacant structures around the city. I was so nervous I was basically shaking, not paying attention I had almost tripped and fell over a homeless man sleeping in the lobby. I would later find out this gentleman would be the one who I would be working side by side with the majority of the night. Scanning the environment around me, I…

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