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Another thing you have to understand about the Echo is that various ring colors signify different things about Amazon Echo. Here’s what you need to know about them:

Solid Blue
If the color of the ring on top of the device is solid blue, it means that the device is alive—it’s awake—and is actually waiting for your commands!

Solid White
If you see solid white, it means that the volume of Amazon Echo is currently being adjusted. For this, you can make use of voice commands, the remote, or the device itself.

Spinning Blue
This means that the device is either processing or booting up. You’ll also notice that the direction of the light will be coming to your direction, and it’ll only change direction when you move because it will follow the direction of your voice.

This color means that the Echo is not able to connect to the Wi-Fi in any way. It’s also best that you check the device’s signal strength when
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You can then follow the Voice Training Exercise below to help Alexa gain skills.
As you progress in the voice training, the device will record your voice multiple times and will help it understand you better. It will record the many ways you say a word and officially recognize that it is you. Alexa will match your speech patterns better and will produce results for you faster and more accurately.
To start voice training, make sure the microphone is turned on by pressing the button on top of the device. Do not use the remote during voice training. Your intent is to record your voice clearly and allow Alexa to process this. Next time you speak to it, even in a muffled voice, Alexa should be able to recognize you. The voice training results will also help the device recognize what you say over the remote control’s microphone.
Next, launch your Echo app from your phone, select Voice Training >

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