The Importance Of Visual Language For A Deaf Child Essay example

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Language is an important part of our daily lives. It’s a form of communication that is often overlooked by many. Now, for a person who has never had the ability to hear the approach of visual language is taken. Visual language uses communication by utilizing visual elements. The importance of visual language for a deaf child is high. About three out of ever thousand infants born in the United States has a severe or profound hearing loss. Parents are faced with a reality they probably were not ready for. "We as a society take this pathological view of deafness, where we see that something is missing, that an individual is broken and they need to be fixed, --the impact of deafness is often more heavily attributed to a societal attitude, rather than the actual biological and natural ability to hear or not hear." (MORE THAN LEARNING A LANGUAGE, STUDENTS EXPERIENCE WHAT IT MEANS TO BE DEAF, 2016). The steps taken at this point can be life changing for all involved. This is the time when decisions must be made for that child. Now, as a parent does one take a modern approach or is a traditional approach more beneficial? There are many approaches of visual language available and finding what is suitable is one of the challenges. Hearing individuals have the capability to learn through sounds but deaf individuals don’t have that ability. What impact would socialization have on a deaf child? This depends on the parental involvement and the resources available. The steps the parent…

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